“Master Romeo Rimbu revealed remarkable qualities of poise, stylistic technique and insightful approach to the masterpieces

… in acts of outstanding refinement and intense concentration

…a generous audience and an open success.”

E.Gugliemi – Giornale di Brescia, Italy

“… Romeo Rimbu has bravely fulfilled his responsibilities in the line of his predecessors, who used to conduct at the stand of this orchestra (Oradea) of such an ample practice and among whom have to be mentioned M. Haydn and K.D. von Dittersdorf. He played the Symphony No.5 by Tschaikovsky with lots of temperament bestowing continuous tension upon the work. The audience was enthusiastic.”

Reinhard Palmer – Suddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

” … his performance of intense brightness and exceptional value. Rigor, discipline and sensitivity.”

M.Muresan – Noua Gazeta de Vest, Romania

” Romeo Rimbu has conducted with a noteworthy professional rigor the vocal – orchestral discourse, bringing into light the precision of the interpretative intention, as well as a great ability of empathizing with a far-reaching score.”

Univ.Prof. Dr. Avram Geoldes – Crisana, Romania

“… possessing a profound cognition of the work, he conveyed to us the melodious symphony with a notable sense of structure and color, accompanied by a translucent radiance that aroused melancholy and introspection now, and the next moment – exciting joy.
The precise rhythm and the clearly moulded and shaped melodic line, as well as the individual musicale character, anticipate a distinguished career.”

O.Tuduka – Faklya, Romania

“The conductor Romeo Rimbu has proven scientific approach to the themes and styles as well as, and particularly, subtlety in passing from one state to another in a perfectly natural manner.”

C.R. – Monitorul de Prahova, Romania